AHPRA implementation for the regulation of paramedics

The recent implementation by AHPRA (the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency) of a dedicated webpage for the regulation of paramedics under the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme is another significant development on the progressive road to registration for Australian paramedics. This introductory page provided by AHPRA offers important formative information and resources to assist prospective registrants in becoming fully informed and engaged in the regulatory process in the lead up to 2018. The Victorian Department of Health and Human Services is leading the national registration of paramedics project and Paramedics Australia will ensure all members are provided with incremental information as it comes to hand.

AHPRA has set out the following implementation schedule:

  • First appointments to inaugural National Board advertised (late April 2017)
  • Health Ministers make appointments (anticipated September 2017)
  • National Board will develop and consult on registration standards, codes, guidelines
  • National Board will submit recommended registration standards to Ministers for approval
  • Accreditation arrangements will be decided by the National Board
  • List of approved programs will be decided by the National Board
  • Registrations open
  • Paramedics regulated under National Registration and Accreditation Scheme (late 2018).

Recruitment to the Paramedicine Board of Australia

AHPRA is now recruiting for members of the inaugural Paramedicine Board of Australia. Advertisements for the first appointments to the Paramedicine Board of Australia will appear this Saturday 29 April 2017 in The Australian and the major metropolitan press in each state and territory.

The composition of the national Paramedicine Board of Australia will be made up of nine members: six practitioner members and three community members; which means a practitioner member from each of the five large jurisdictions (NSW, Vic, Qld, SA, WA) and one practitioner member from a small jurisdiction (ACT/NT/Tas). Community members may be from any state or territory, however community members cannot be a current or former paramedic.

I cannot stress enough the importance of there being a strong, well-qualified Board in order to truly represent Australian paramedics.

The PA National Registration Working Group encourages PA members to apply for one of the six practitioner member positions available on the new Paramedicine Board of Australia.

Application forms and the information guide are now available from AHPRA’s board recruitment webpage.

Peter Jurkovsky
Board Director, Paramedics Australasia
Chair, Australian National Registration Working Group