Michael Eburn adds another discussion to his blog Australian Emergency Law, looking at the paramedic registration consultation paper released by the Australian Health Workforce Ministerial Council (Available HERE).  The post is titled Are St John volunteers paramedics? Should they be?

As Michael says in his article:

A part of the discussion paper caught my attention and is the subject of this blog post.  On page 5, under the heading 1.2 Scope of this consultation paper the paper says ‘first aid volunteers (who are not qualified as a paramedic) are not considered to be part of the paramedic workforce.’

This comment is problematic.  As noted in the discussion paper, there ‘is no standard definition of ‘paramedic’ in Australia’ (p 11).  In the absence of a ‘standard definition’ it is at least arguable that first aid volunteers are paramedics.   The discussion paper gives various definitions of who, or what is a paramedic.

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