The All Together Better Health 5 – International Interprofessional Conference ‘Seeing things differently’, Evidence and innovation in interprofessional learning and practice is being held at Manly, NSW from 6-9 April 2010. This conference is building on the excellent work undertaken through the previous ATBH conferences and is also striving for the federation of interprofessional associations from around the globe to maximise effort and minimise duplication. ACAP is being represented by Alan Eade (Vice-President) at this event, the first time it has been held in Australia in its short history.

An important element of the ATBH5 conference is the development of the Sydney Interprofessional Declaration (SID). This document will carry the good work of the conference into the future.

A strong student representation and engagement program has been a hallmark of the ATBH5 conference. With approximately 50 student delegates from around the world, the International Student Challenge to be held on the final day is expected to be a highlight.

The event has been well supported by various government agencies and the presence of the National Health Workforce Taskforce (NHWT), and Health Workforce Australia (HWA) has only added to the impact of the conference.

Below is an URL for the ATBH5 keynote speaker speeches on Vimeo: