ACAP has participated in the Ambulance New Zealand registration consultation sessions and road show held in Wellington (NZ) today (20 August 2010).

The representative team of Alan Eade (Vice President), Richard Larsen (Director), and Ray Bange (Policy Consultant) joined with an audience of 30 interested paramedics from two of the provider groups (Wellington Free Ambulance / St John) to hear David Waters from Ambulance New Zealand provide a detailed overview of the current issues associated with paramedic registration in the New Zealand context.

The absence of a professional body to represent paramedics in New Zealand was a point that was made by a number of participants. Based on the response to the ACAP visit, the potential to return and assist in the development of a professional body for New Zealand paramedics will be investigated.

Further information about the Ambulance NZ consultation process can be viewed at their website: