The ACAP Board met in Alice Springs on Thursday 6 May 2010. This was the scheduled board meeting.

The meetings covered issues associated with:

  • The restructure and the mechanisms required from the Board to ensure that this continues to meet it project timelines.
    • The financial arrangements / documents are completed and the final draft has been referred by the Board for sign-off by the accountant and legal advisor
    • The constitution and rules have been completed and the final draft has been referred by the Board for sign-off by the legal advisor
    • The membership group has a penultimate draft with some changes / questions to address out of session
    • The branding group has not progressed as far as the other groups. The Board has resolved to send a survey to the membership of the proposed names for the new entity to finalise this issue.
  • The submission to the New Zealand Ministry of Health in response to their discussion document “How do we determine if statutory regulation is the most appropriate way to regulate health professions?”
  • 2010 National Conference in Perth
  • Correspondence in reply to the ACAP letters to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the Australian Statistician, the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, ¬†and the Hon Nick Sherry regarding data collection about paramedics and emergency medical services.
  • Report from the National Pain Summit from Bill Lord.

There was extensive discussion facilitated by the Board Advisor on registration (Ray Bange) around the meetings held the previous day with various groups to progress the case for paramedic registration.

The next board meeting will be held on 23rd July 2010 in Brisbane.