The ACAP Board met in Brisbane on Friday 23 July 2010. This was the scheduled board meeting.

The meetings covered issues associated with:

  • The restructure and the mechanisms required from the Board to ensure that this continues to meet it project timelines.
    • The financial arrangements / documents are completed and 4 of the 7 jurisdictions have migrated their financial accounts to the national office
    • The constitution and rules have been completed
    • The membership arrangements have been completed and have been circulated for final comment before board endorsement
    • The Board has agreed on the final version of the survey for the new branding to be issued to the members.
  • 2010 National Conference in Perth
  • Research grants and activities
  • Submissions for new Special Interest Groups
  • The SPA annual convention held in Melbourne recently

There was discussion from all members involved with the lobbying tasks undertaken since the previous meetings to progress the case for paramedic registration.

The next board meeting will be held on 14 October 2010 in Perth.