The ACAP Board met in Hobart on Friday 03 December 2010. This was the scheduled board meeting.

The meetings covered issues associated with:

  • Review of the financial performance of the organisation
  • The restructure and the mechanisms required from the Board to ensure that this continues to meet it project timelines.
    • The financial arrangements / documents are completed the jurisdictions have migrated their financial accounts to the national office
    • The constitution and rules have been completed and are awaiting confirmation by ASIC
    • The membership arrangements have been completed
    • The survey for the new name has been issued to the members and completed.
  • National Conference – 2010 feedback, location for future events, opportunities for sustainable conference events
  • Paramedic competencies
  • New registrar (John Hall) and review of membership process and database
  • Research grants and activities
  • Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC) updates and process for replacement of representative
  • The SPA presented in person to the meeting
  • Team EMS Australia presented in person to the meeting
  • Board member program areas were allocated to accommodate new directors on the board

There was insufficient time to complete the board agenda at this meeting and the decision on the change of brand for the organisation was deferred to a special meeting of the board to be held by teleconference.

The next board meeting will be held by teleconference on 9 December 2010.