The ACAP Board met by teleconference on Thursday 09 December 2010. This was a specially convened board meeting.

The meetings covered only the issues associated with:

  • Review of the name and branding of the organisation

There was detailed review of the information that was requested and available to the board: member survey, member feedback, the various chapter committee views, the advice from the policy consultant, and the advice from the marketing consultant.

The board resolved to take the motion for a change to the name of the organisation to an extra-ordinary general meeting (EGM) of ACAP at the earliest convenient time. This is in accordance with the new constitution.

The most likely time for the EGM will be late February 2011. For convenience it will be associated with an existing ACAP event (such as board meeting, lobbying tour, etc) and will most probably be held in Sydney. Details will be provided to all members along with the voting arrangements as soon as they are finalised.

The next board meeting will be held on 25 February 2011 in Sydney.