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Associate Professor Peter Hartley FPA


Peter Hartley was elected as President of Paramedics Australasia in September 2014. He is Associate Professor and Deputy Dean, College of Health and Biomedicine, Victoria University. He has a multi-discipline background in health, sociology and education, and had over 30 years ambulance experience in Australia.
Peter’s current commitment is focused on the advancement of paramedicine’s recognition as a professional entity, working towards national registration, and a national curriculum and national credentialing of paramedics that will provide greater access for cross-border recognition and transition.


Neil Noble MPA


Neil is a critical care paramedic. He is also an executive committee member of the Queensland Chapter f(portfolio: marketing and corporate communications) and Chair of the Paramedics Australasia Social Media Committee.
As lead paramedic for Australia’s leading EMS brand, Team Australia EMS, Neil is well travelled with an excellent understanding of global EMS operations and is the Australian editor for International Technical Rescue and has published articles in many publications.
Neil is committed to ensuring that Paramedics Australasia remains the peak body representing paramedics across Australasia, and to promote Australian out-of-hospital care systems to the world.


Paul Thaw


Paul Thaw BEc(Hons), MBA, CPA was appointed to the position of Honorary Treasurer of Paramedics Australasia following a public recruitment process in early 2016. Paul brings over 15 years experience as a finance executive to his directorship including roles as a chief financial officer, company secretary and board director.
Paul has worked both in Australia and internationally for large multi-national corporations, growth-oriented start-ups and medium size businesses. Paul now consults independently, allowing him the flexibility to provide his skills on a pro-bono basis in support of not-for-profit organisations such as Paramedics Australasia.


Sharon Duthie MPA

Sharon is a road-based intensive care paramedic employed by St John Ambulance, after starting her ambulance career as a volunteer in 1995. Sharon completed her undergraduate paramedicine degree at Auckland University of Technology in 2008 and a postgraduate certificate in emergency management in 2009.
Sharon was instrumental in establishing PA’s New Zealand Chapter and was elected as its inaugural Chair, a position she held until January 2015.


Simone Haigh MPA

Simone is an intensive care paramedic with Ambulance Tasmania where she has been employed for over 10 years, starting as an undergraduate student. She is also as a clinical teacher at the University of Tasmania. Simone enjoys both paramedic and teaching work, finding both to be very gratifying.
Simone was chair of the PA Tasmania Chapter for four years. Simone was elected as a Board member in September 2015 and in that time has been very active in supporting Neil Noble in social media with specific emphasis on national registration and related issues.


Peter Jurkovsky MPA

Peter Jurkovsky LLB(Hons), DipParaSc, GradDipLegalPrac, GradCert is a paramedic and lawyer. He is Senior Lecturer and Undergraduate Coordinator with the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences at Monash University in Victoria where he oversees the contractual relationships held by the department through a range of commercial agreements.
Peter has a special interest in the non-emergency patient transport sector as a proprietor in the early 1990s where he established one of the first companies in the sector and has followed the progress of the industry through its growth and regulation over the past 10 years. Peter was co-opted to the Board as a skills-based Director in December 2015 in recognition of his legal skills and knowledge relating to national registration.


Brad Mitchell MPA

Brad holds a Bachelor Nursing/Bachelor Clinical Practice (Paramedic) from Charles Sturt University, graduating in 2007. He worked as a paramedic with SA Ambulance Service before moving into the tertiary sector in 2014 as a lecturer in the paramedic science degree at Flinders University.
Brad’s interests include evidence-based practice, and incorporating technology/innovations into teaching and paramedic practice. He is passionate about paramedic education and professional out-of-hospital care through paramedic registration.


Dr Philip Bachelor OAM

Philip Bachelor PhD, FAIM, FAICD is a Community Representative Director. As a strategic not-for-profit executive with diverse experience on several professional and community boards, he contributes towards a broader governance and management perspective.
A cemetery executive and bereavement-care specialist, Philip is also a social researcher, author, adjunct lecturer, charitable foundation director and supporter of young people caught up in Victoria’s youth justice system. His key business interests include long-term viability and superior service delivery.


Adjunct Professor Stephen Cornelissen

From a stellar group of 12 nominees at the 2016 AGM, Adjunct Professor Stephen Cornelissen was elected as a Community Representative Director for a three year period. Stephen is currently the Group Chief Executive Officer for Mercy Health and brings a wealth of experience and expertise for the benefit of the PA Board and membership. In November 2016, Stephen was awarded the title of CEO of the Year at the CEO Magazine Executive of the Year Awards.


Daniel Townson MPA

Daniel was elected to the Board at the 2016 AGM. He graduated from Queensland University of Technology in 2010 and has worked with the Queensland Ambulance Service for the past six years. Initially working in rural and remote parts of North Queensland and often as a single paramedic responder, he has spent the past three years working in Brisbane, Metropolitan South.
Dan has a passion for Paramedics Australasia, having been a member since 2008. He wears many hats in the Queensland Chapter Committee, including student adviser and liaison, executive committee member, professional development coordinator and membership registrar. He brings to the PA Board a strong commitment to quality professional development, paramedic education and professional recognition.