The Community of Practice Research Special Interest Group is open to members working in a pre-hospital or out-of-hospital research area.

Action areas

The Community of Practice Research SIG aims to support our research workforce in the following ways.

  • Support the building of research capacity among the paramedic workforce
    • Provide access to online research courses
    • Provide mentorship
    • Participate in the AJP Journal Club
    • Presentations – know who to ask to do what
  • Support the career development of established researchers
    • Promote networking, such as via a LinkedIn subgroup
    • Facilitate meetings for HDR students
    • Provide mentorship for post-doctoral students
    • Activities to link supervisors
    • Provide assistance with CV building
  • Develop a resource hub encompassing:
    • Contacts in related disciplines
    • Training opportunities – courses, scholarships, events
    • Funding availability – internal and external funds, key dates, contacts
    • Resource sharing – clearing house for members’ papers/grey literature store
    • Access to populations/samples
    • Industry links – mechanism to line researchers and applied problems – allow industry to know how to ask questions
    • Applications of findings to areas outside emergency medicine and other medical applications, such as non-medical applications.

Research forum

Provide a forum to discuss past, current and future coordinated research efforts within paramedicine and related disciplines and topics.


Employ a consistent approach to media releases – a research ‘brand’.