A number of PA and SPA members recently participated in an international virtual chat on Paramedic Registration.  The Twitter Chat was hosted by WeParamedics and looked at a range of contemporary issues surrounding the registration of paramedics.

Some of the topics explored were:

  • How can professional registration protect patients? Are the public aware of the regulation status of their health professional?
  • Does professional registration support consistent education standards in paramedic practice?
  • How does registration and regulation affect the undergraduate curriculum differences across Australia?
  • Is there a need for separate registration for specialist roles (eg, Paramedic Practitioners)?
  • How can regulation keep up with the pace of change in paramedic clinical practice?
  • How can CPD needs for maintaining fitness to practice be met?
  • Should there be a voluntary register for advanced technicians or should there be a mandatory code of practice?

The discussion thread during the week of the event was exceptional with more than 728,000 impressions globally, 104 primary participants/contributors and 521 tweets.

You can see the discussion thread HERE.

WeParamedics is a We Community hosting regular twitter chats relevant to paramedics – more information can be found HERE.