The second annual JEPHC symposium was held at the Monash University Clinical School (Alfred Hospital) on Thursday 8 April 2010. With over 120 delegates attending the event from across Australia and New Zealand the event was focused on the advancement of the paramedic profession and the initiatives in advancing paramedic practice that are being undertaken.

Presentations were delivered by: Ian Patrick (ACAP President), Professor Peter O’Meara (Charles Sturt), Peter Carver (NHWT), Professor Frank Archer (Monash), Professor Ron Stweart (Dalhousie, Canada), Professor Peter Brooks (Australian Workforce Institute), Associate Professor Tony Walker (CAA), Professor Matthew Cooke (Warrick UK), Dr Jason Bendal (ASNSW), Dr Cindy Hein (SAAS), Gary Wingrove (IRCP), and Andy Long (Wellington Free Ambulance, NZ).

The 2010 David Shugg keynote lecture was delivered by Professor Peter O’Meara and focused on ‘Managing ambulance as a complex adaptive system’.

There was considerable interest in the presentation from Peter Carver (Executive Director, National Health Workforce Taskforce), when he outlined the current programs and funding events that are occurring as part of the overall commonwealth health reform agenda. The revelation that Paramedicine was one of the groups that had been recommended for registration under the umbrella of allied health was also a considerable talking point.