Media Statement from PA New Zealand

Consider the paramedics working over this New Year period. While most people are enjoying the sun and the chance to relax now that Christmas is over, paramedics will be working to ensure the public’s safety if there are urgent medical needs or accidents.

“For New Zealand’s paramedics, the New Year period is one of the busiest times of the year” says Sean Thompson, Chair of Paramedics Australasia (New Zealand) – the professional body representing paramedics in New Zealand and Australia. “As people head out on holiday they often forget to be as careful as they normally would. Our paramedics want Kiwis to have fun but we also hope they will hold onto common sense. When people get out on the roads and head to the beaches and rivers, perhaps mixed with a bit too much alcohol, we do see an influx of preventable accidents and tragedies.”

Mr. Thompson hopes that the public will not hesitate to call 111 if they have an emergency. He also wishes to emphasise the importance of treating paramedics with respect in what can frequently be stressful situations. “It is a huge concern to see some of our staff being verbally and physically assaulted while simply trying to do their job and helping people in need” he says.

Mr. Thompson, an Intensive Care Paramedic and paramedic educator, will be working over the New Year period. “It’s a busy time to be on shift and we would all probably rather be at home with our families” he says. “For the sake of our crews and the public we hope for an enjoyable New Year and a safe start to 2016.”

For further information contact:
Sean Thompson (Chair – Paramedics Australasia New Zealand)

Ph 0274 939 603