Member Rewards

Paramedics Australasia is pleased to provide a range of discounts and savings for members through the Member Rewards Program.



PA Members can access a 20% discount off the RRP of a range of health texts, with 25% discount offered periodically on featured texts.

To view the range of books on offer visit

To access the discount voucher code CLICK HERE (please log in to the PA website to access).

QANTAS Club Corporate Membership Rates

Paramedics Australasia (PA) has made arrangements with QANTAS to provide QANTAS Club Corporate Membership Rates to all PA members.

QANTAS Club affords members a range of benefits including: access to the QANTAS Club lounges at over 250 locations world-wide, refreshment and shower facilities, invitations for quests to lounges, Frequent Flier Membership, On Departure Upgrades, Dedicated Check-In lanes, Priority Reservations and Wait Listing, Priority Baggage Handling & allowances, Flight Announcements, and a Personal Travel Profile. Further information about the features of this membership are available from the QANTAS Club website.

To find out more about this offer and how to claim CLICK HERE (please log in to the PA website to access).