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The Network of Australasian Paramedic Academics (NAPA) is a Special Interest Group within Paramedics Australasia. Membership of this SIG is open to all categories of membership.

Members should have an interest in paramedic education, or be involved in teaching paramedic students. This includes clinical education in the workplace.

Persons who are not members of Paramedics Australasia may apply to become participants in this SIG by completing an application for membership. This form must be returned to the NAPA Secretary. Non-PA members may not hold office in this SIG or vote in any election for office bearers.


The aims of NAPA include:

  • Evaluation of education standards and the development of policy that aims to guide the development and maintenance of standards relating to teaching, assessment and work-integrated learning
  • Advocacy for educational standards of best practice, including paramedic competencies and standards for accreditation and registration
  • A forum for the dissemination of ideas and developments relating to paramedic education
  • Collaboration to improve the knowledge and practice of paramedic education
  • Leadership development and support, and
  • Research that enhances learning and informs paramedic practice.

The NAPA SIG usually meets twice each year. One meeting is typically convened prior to the annual Paramedics Australasia International Conference.


NAPA Secretary – Via the form below.