Paramedics Australasia President Dr Peter Hartley is strongly encouraged by the positive progress for national registration of Australian Paramedics, driven through the COAG Health Council meeting in Darwin on Friday 7th August by the majority of Health Ministers’.

It was agreed that the need for registration of Australia’s 13,000 paramedics can’t be ignored and more work will be undertaken to try to achieve a multi-lateral agreement between national, state and territory Health Ministers’.

Dr Hartley said “Our focus remains ensuring patient safety and greater protection of the Australian public and as the peak industry body for paramedics in Australasia we will continue to collaborate with government and other stakeholders to ensure the most effective, affordable and robust regulation scheme is implemented. ”

“We are Australia’s most trusted profession” Dr Hartley said, “but in reality the public have no way of knowing what level of training the person claiming to be a Paramedic actually has. This isn’t good enough.”