Paramedic students in Australia and New Zealand now have easy access to life-saving information about which drugs to give in emergencies, thanks to a new mobile app.

The new Emergency Pharmacology Guidelines app is a joint project between Paramedic Lecturer Matthew Caffey from Charles Sturt University (CSU) and Bathurst-based app development company, Appiwork.

“When I first starting teaching paramedic students at CSU, I found there was gap for paramedic education in pharmacology,” explains Matthew.

“There were no texts or reference guides available that described the necessary information about the core Australian paramedic medications that are given out every day to patients in Ambulances.

“I published the Paramedic and Emergency Pharmacology Guidelines booklet and it is now recommended text for second-year paramedic students. The app takes this information to the next level by making the information much more accessible with more search functions.”

This app provides

  • An A to Z list of more than 90 common emergency medications.
  • Search of medications by indication.
  • Single page charts containing the medication’s class, mechanism, simple pharmacokinetics, indications, contraindications, side effects, precautions and facts, common preparations and dosage ranges.
  • Appendixes of regular prescribed medications, trade names, checklists, indications, abbreviations and formulas.

The app has been well received by paramedic students. Elizabeth Leov, president of CSU Student Paramedics Australasia organisation and a second-year paramedic student said the app was a helpful academic resource.

“The app is a great tool for students studying the pharmacology subjects in the paramedic degree,” says Elizabeth.

The app is a great example of how learning resources, industry guidelines and academic texts can be more accessible, affordable and environmentally responsible as mobile apps.

“As app developers, we were inspired by the opportunity of making this potentially life-saving resource available to paramedic students via a mobile app,” says Zoë Hida, Business Development Manager of Appiwork.

The app is available for download via the Apple App Store and Android on Google Play.