A fresh new image for your professional body

With the new name Paramedics Australasia comes a new logo which was adopted by the Board on Friday 20 May. It provides a branding for the profession that is modern and timeless as befits a professional group which is in close contact with the community at large.

The logo embodies the core values of the paramedic profession by focusing on the central theme of patient care. The overarching commitment to community safety is represented by the general shape of the logo which is reminiscent of a traditional shield providing community protection. This shape is formed by the sweeping lines of the two symbolic figures of paramedics attending the central figure of the patient who lies at the heart of paramedic concern.

To show the profession’s association with clinical care, the Rod of Asclepius is placed centrally over the patient providing a subtle but unmistakable link to this ancient symbol of health care. The teal green of the attending practitioners represents the colour associated internationally with the delivery of paramedic services.

The logo is simple and expressive without resorting to extraneous detail and the symbolism is made more powerful by being reduced to the crisp defining elements of the human figure.

While the scope of “Paramedics Australasia” covers the geographical region the dominant logo image stands alone without reference to regional or national barriers. It is thus symbolic of the international nature of the profession with its inclusive embrace of all paramedic practitioners.

The logo and associated branding and communication guidelines will be introduced progressively across all documents , stationery and website coverage as soon as feasible.