At the Paramedics Australasia 2014 Annual General Meeting, Dr Peter Hartley, Associate Professor and the Director of Learning and Teaching at Victoria University (within the College of Health and Biomedicine) and a former Paramedic has been elected as PA President for a three year term.

Peter replaces Ian Patrick who served as PA President for nine years and has been the driving force behind positioning Paramedics Australasia as the pre-eminent voice of paramedics in Australia and New Zealand. He has also worked tirelessly along with Board Member Richard Larsen and Principal Policy Advisor Ray Bange, to engage members, bureaucrats and politicians to reinforce the rationale for national paramedic registration.

Matthew Simpson, based in Leeton NSW and Simone Haigh from Sheffield in Tasmania have been elected as members of the Board replacing the positions vacated by Ian Patrick and retiring Board member John Richardson. In addition, Nicole Nott, one of two of our Community Directors did not run for re-election and Dr Philip Bachelor from Melbourne was elected for a three year term.

After fourteen years as PA Secretary and Director, and as a former President of our organisation, Les Hotchin retired at the AGM and his contribution and outstanding dedication and commitment to PA was honoured throughout PAIC 2014.

To see the full list of current Directors, please visit the Directors Page.