Ambulance New Zealand has released the summary results of the online survey that was conducted across all ambulance officers and NZ defence force medics. The result of the extensive consultation sessions, focus groups, and then this online survey, is that Ambulance New Zealand has made application to the Minister for Health for ILS and ALS practitioners to be registered under the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance (HPCA) Act 2003.

The online survey was sent to all NZ ambulance officers (salaried and volunteer) and all NZ defence force medics. 2119 people viewed the survey with 1709 completing some or all of the survey questions. The responses represented a mix of salaried and volunteer, a mix of all practice levels, a range of locations, and a range of lengths of service. The survey document can be viewed here: Ambulance NZ

The recommendation for registration will be applied only to the ILS and ALS practitioner level, and not to the BLS level (regardless of whether salaried or volunteer). This was largely due to the concerns raised about the maintenance of services in the volunteer and remote sectors where the majority of practitioners are at BLS level, and the associated risks were considered to be lower than at ILS or ALS level.

Whilst the progress of the application is expected to take up to 1 year, the exact timelines are unknown. It is however expected that if it were successful that registration could commence in late 2012.