IMG_2762In March Paramedics Australasia (PA) attended the prestigious smaccGOLD (Social Media and Critical Care) conference which was held on the Gold Coast. This was a truly fantastic event with some of the greatest medical minds in emergency medicine from Australia and around the world, including Dr Minh Le Cong (RFDS & author of PHARM Pre-Hospital and Retrieval Medicine), Dr Cliff Reid (Senior Staff Specialist in Emergency Medicine), Dr Karim Brohi ( & Professor of Trauma Sciences) and many others, attending.

The conference was a complete success and trended on Twitter with over 25M Twitter impressions, of which SPA’s Jess Morton and PA New Zealand’s Haydn Drake made the top 10 Twitter mentions and influencers. This amazing social media storm recorded the highest Twitter activity in the world. How amazing to have two PA/SPA paramedics in the top 10. We are proud to announce that both Jess and Haydn are on our PAIC2014 media and communications team.

Paramedics Australasia were the only professional body with an exhibit advocating for the paramedic profession, amongst fellow healthcare professionals. PA representatives Ray Bange, Mick Lazell and Neil Noble engaged with the near 1300 conferees and exhibitors alike. They discussed serious issues like paramedic registration and protection of paramedic title, and proudly displayed the Most Trusted Profession awards from both Australia and New Zealand. PA partnered with SPA, and Team Australia EMS to compete in the smaccGOLDrush competition, where competitors were required to compete in a number of medical skills stations and aptitude challenges. Of course the paramedics excelled and went on to win the competition ahead of their doctor and nursing colleagues.

Overall the smaccGOLD conference was outstanding and PA represented our profession well. We were impressed with the vast numbers of PA members who attended this conference to keep up to date with the latest research in emergency care. We look forward to seeing paramedic and allied healthworkers at the Paramedics Australasia International Conference in September, at Jupiters Hotel, Gold Coast. For more information follow us on Facebook and Twitter #PAIC2014, and #FernoSim for the Ferno Australia Paramedic Simulation Challenge.

This year’s PAIC2014 is going to be like no other PA Conference ever held before. Very exciting times ahead.