The Australian Health Ministers’ Advisory Council (AHMAC) is currently undertaking a consultation exercise on the implementation of a national Code of Conduct for unregistered healthcare workers – see details HERE. A draft Code of Conduct has been developed and a series of national consultation workshops began in March 2014.

The consultation process was broad ranging and written submissions were also invited in response to a discussion paper and the draft Code.

PA participated in the forum sessions conducted across Australia and also prepared a written submission. The submission outlines PA’s overall support for the Code for unregistered health workers. It highlights some key issues that are not covered by the draft Code and suggests several changes to the clauses as currently drafted. It also draws attention to the on-going project to review the registration of professional paramedics. The full written submission can be accessed HERE.

While PA continues to advocate for the registration of professional paramedics, until this is in place, paramedics will be covered by jurisdictional legislation and any national Code.  Other out-of-hospital health care workers in ambulance services and in industrial, defence, mining, education and event settings that are not part of a registered cohort will be covered by the national Code of Conduct into the future.