PA Peak Team []Twenty Paramedics Australasia leaders met over 1.5 days last week to develop PA’s Strategic Direction for 2015-2017. The group included Board members, Chapter Chairs or their Deputy, the Immediate Past President, and the Executive Officer.

The Key outcomes arising from the sessions are:

  • Reviewed the previous Strategic Plan and noting that considerable progress had been made in progressing the plan to achieved outcomes;
  • The framework of the 2015 – 2018 Strategic Plan is built on the 2011-2014 strategic plan noting the high priorities in the last plan are still as relevant;
  • Agreed there is an exciting future and way forward for PA as it continues to strive to successfully attain its goals;
  • Identified the key parameters to drive our direction;
  • Developed a range of achievable goals and establish PA as a robust and sustainable organisation;
  • Established a committed and united leadership team:
    • with true Australasian input and representation;
    • comprising a diverse team covering all spectrums and bases, including community representation; and
    • where our members have a role to play.
  • What happens now:
    • Draft the PA Strategic Plan 2015-2018 from the input of the Strategic Direction session;
    • Review the outcomes at a PA Board meeting on Dec 4, 2014;
    • Consultation with Chapters and Members to take place around the Draft Strategic Plan;
    • Endorse and publish the finalised Strategic Plan;
    • Operationalise the Strategic Plan from 2015 focusing on agreed priorities and accountability; and
    • PA Board and Chapters to regularly review process and communicate outcomes to Members