PA initially welcomed the announcement of the Victorian Government’s proposal to establish a Victorian scheme for the registration and regulation of paramedics. However, following release of the draft Paramedics Registration Bill and a rigorous review, PA will only support the Bill in Victoria if it is designed as a first step in a planned move towards national registration and accreditation for paramedics.

PA maintains a strong view that only national registration of paramedics under the NRAS will provide the necessary level of public protection and enable workforce flexibility and the creation of a truly national paramedic labor market. In the absence of this approach there is potential for mismatched jurisdictional legislation across Australia.

President Peter Hartley, PA National Registration Spokesperson Ian Patrick and Executive Officer Robyn Smith met last week with a delegation from Health Workforce Regulation in the Victorian Department of Health. In open and frank discussions, the PA position was made clear and the key issues outlined in our written submission on the Bill were delivered.

Anne-Louise Carlton, Manager of Health Workforce Regulation, commented that submissions on the draft Paramedics Registration Bill will be reviewed by early January and recommendations made to the new Victorian Minister for Health and Minister for Ambulance Services Jill Hennessey. Anne-Louise said that with a change of government in Victoria there may well be a different view on registration of paramedics and one possible option is support for national registration for paramedics to occur in a single move across all State and Territories under the National Law.

We will continue to update members on registration and related matters.

Dr. Peter Hartley, President