Paramedics Australasia has received the Australian Health Ministers’ Advisory Council (AHMAC) consultation paper looking at options for regulation of paramedics.


Download a user-friendly response form HERE (Word Doc)

The consultation paper looks at what is currently known about the Paramedic sector, including employment requirements, education and training, current regulatory arrangements and complaints management systems.  The paper acknowledges that there have been many changes in the paramedic industry over time.

Stakeholder feedback is being sought regarding current regulatory arrangements, and if these are to change what is the best way forward.

Paramedics Australasia will be providing a response to the consultation paper, and will be seeking input from members in preparing this response. If you would like to find out more and become more involved in this process please contact PA secretary Les Hotchin,

We also need as many respondents as possible to directly respond to the submission to reach our “Target 3000”!

Information about Paramedic registration can be found on the Registration Pages of this site, and more detailed reports on registration issues can be found HERE.