Paramedics Australasia Acting Vice President Professor Richard Brightwell and Principal Policy Advisor Ray Bange met with Mr Frank Prokop, the Executive Director of the Health Consumers’ Council WA (Inc) on Wednesday 27 November. The meeting formed part of the continuing liaison of Paramedics Australia with significant policy makers and advocacy groups across Australia and New Zealand.

Discussions covered the role of paramedics in emergency and primary care and the integration of out-of-hospital care into the mainstream of healthcare policy and funding. Note was taken of the healthcare policy and strategy options outlined in the PA position commentary The Forgotten Health Profession with a particular focus on regulatory developments, complaint management and consumer engagement.

The importance of paramedic registration and recent legislative developments in Tasmania and South Australia regarding the restriction of the use of title were discussed as significant contributors to public safety. Frank expressed the Council’s strong support for the actions of Paramedics Australasia in seeking independent national paramedic registration in the public interest. The Council supported the principles of best practice regulatory management and looked forward to continued liaison and information sharing on any paramedic registration developments.