Three Board Director Positions will be declared vacant at the Paramedics Australasia Ltd AGM on Thursday 1 October 2015, with terms ending for current Directors, Mick Lazell and Sharon Duthie (these Directors may seek re-election); and the Director position vacated by Richard Brightwell.

Eligible PA members are invited to apply for one of these three positions. If there are more nominations than positions vacant an election will be held with information on the candidates circulated to all members eligible to vote.

Paramedics Australasia seeks to ensure an appropriate balance between Directors with experience and knowledge of the organisation and industry and Directors with specialist expertise or fresh perspective. Directors should also be considered on the additional qualities they possess, as these qualities will influence the relationships around the boardroom table, between the board and management, and between Directors and key stakeholders.

The skills and attributes required of a Board Director can be broadly categorised as:

  • governance skills (that is, skills directly relevant to performing the board’s key functions)
  • industry skills (that is, skills relevant to the industry or sector in which the organisation predominantly operates)
  • personal attributes or qualities that are generally considered desirable to be an effective director.

The documents that will inform your decision and interest in nominating for a Director position include:

In addition, new Board members receive an induction package on a range of topics including Board solidarity, conflict of interest, expenditure and other policies.
Please feel free to contact Robyn Smith Executive Officer on 1300 793385 with any queries.

To nominate for the Board please complete the AGM 2015 Director Nomination FormNominations close Wednesday, 2nd September 2015