The Federal government has proposed the creation of national and local  Lead Clinician Groups at an estimated cost of $56 million with a broadly-based membership drawn from various
disciplines to provide guidance and leadership on clinical issues.

One of their main functions will be to encourage the adoption of ‘best practice’ care at local and
national levels. The groups will also give input into service planning and delivery, and encourage
better integration of medical services from different sectors.

Paramedics Australasia consistently has called for better integrated delivery of health care under
best practice conditions, the development of appropriate pathways of care and the adoption of
extended/community and interprofessional models of care with greater involvement of relevant
practitioners from the operational levels.

Paramedics Australasia therefore made a formal submission on these proposals in February
which can be accessed here:        enhancing-patient-care-improving-the-pathways-of-care-through-clinical-engagement-and-collaborative-action

As a follow up to the written submission, Paramedics Australasia Policy Advisor Ray Bange provided an individual
extended briefing on the 5th May to the project team from the consultancy firm
Ipsos-Eureka Social Research Institute which has been retained by the government to
facilitate the national consultation program and refine the options for implementation.

A consultation report on the nature and structure of the Lead Clinical Groups is expected
within a few weeks for final comment after which implementation will proceed without delay.