Paramedics Australasia welcomes the Victorian Government’s proposal to establish a scheme for the registration and regulation of paramedics, and considers it a positive step towards incorporating the paramedic profession in the National Registration and Accreditation scheme.

President of Paramedics Australasia, Associate Professor Peter Hartley, said the introduction of practitioner registration was vital to enhancing public safety and maintaining a strong professional environment for paramedics.

“The risk factors associated with the care provided by paramedics highlight the importance of appropriate regulation,” Assoc Prof Hartley said.

“In the course of their day to day work paramedics conduct invasive procedures, administer scheduled drugs and often work in dangerous, uncontrolled and unsupervised settings. The community expects that these professionals are held to appropriate standards of training and performance.”

Paramedics Australasia also supports the Government’s proposal to protect the title of ‘paramedic’. The absence of regulation in Victoria means individuals do not currently need to have a recognised qualification to use the title.

Assoc Prof Hartley said Paramedics Australasia has advocated strongly for the inclusion of paramedics in the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme for health practitioners. In addition to mitigating the risk factors associated with paramedic services, national registration would address issues such as the increased mobility of paramedics across state and national borders, and the current variability of educational and continuing professional development standards in different jurisdictions.

“While national registration and accreditation remains our ultimate objective, we welcome the Victorian Government’s proactive approach to this issue. We see it as a positive step towards the introduction of a national scheme.”

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Executive Officer, Paramedics Australasia
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