Paramedics Australasia make available independent participation in surveys that inform research. However, PA neither endorses the content of surveys or requires that members participate. Members can do so if they are interested and feel they would like to contribute to the research topic. Although PA take no responsibility for surveys or for any negative impact participating in a survey may have on a participant’s health, we encourage paramedics who may be concerned or affected to seek assistance. Please visit our paramedic wellbeing page for resources and services.

Current surveys

Edith Cowan University Ambulance Workplace Stressor survey: The health impacts on our ambulance personnel. The study aims to partially address a gap in research about how the stressors of working for an ambulance service can affect the wellbeing of the individuals within the workforce. More information is available here
University of Tasmania Faculty of Health research project: Stress in graduate ambulance paramedics. More information is available here
Monash University: Is impaired sleep a risk factor for mental health symptoms among paramedics. More information is available here
CQUniversity Australia survey component of the research project: Paramedic ethics: education and experience in Australia. More information is available here