Positive public hearing and briefing held on amendments to National Law including registration of paramedics – 17 July 2017

At a public hearing in Queensland Parliament this morning, Queensland Ambulance Service Commissioner Russell Bowles advised it is now time for registration of paramedics under the National Law. Commissioner Bowles commented that paramedicine is critical to the Australian healthcare system and that paramedicine has evolved significantly in recent decades into a specialised and complex profession.

Commissioner Bowles pointed out that there are multiple benefits for both the public and the profession in national registration of paramedics and protection of the title of ‘paramedic’ saying, “Measures such as a national database of paramedics will provide the next level of patient safety, meaning that paramedics not fit to practise won’t be able to ‘hop’ state and territory borders.” Conversely, one of the future benefits for registered paramedics will be mobility and the ability to practise throughout Australia.

The briefing session was chaired by Leanne Linard MP for Nudgee, for the Health, Communities, Disability Services and Family Violence Prevention Committee. This committee has the responsibility of examining the proposed amendments to the National Law Bill, which include recommendations to include national registration for paramedics. Without any matters to place on notice at the end of today’s hearing, Chair Leanne Linard summed up by saying that she is very pleased that paramedicine is heading on a path to national registration and noted that her committee is required to report back on the Bill by 11 August 2017.

Peter Jurkovsky
Chair, Australian National Registration Working Group