Paramedics Australasia will continue to work constructively with government to secure the inclusion of paramedics in the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme for health professions (the national scheme), following advice today the COAG Health Council is in the process of considering a proposal for national registration of paramedics in Australia with the proviso that individual states have the option of not being included. WA will now develop a proposal to the next meeting of COAG Health Council subject to the regulatory impact statement.

President of Paramedics Australasia, Dr Peter Hartley, said the decision was a positive sign that health ministers recognised the changing nature of Paramedicine in Australia.

“Paramedics are no longer just emergency care and transport providers. They conduct invasive procedures, administer scheduled drugs, provide complex and critical clinical assessments and care, and work in dangerous and uncontrolled settings,” Dr Hartley said.

Inclusion in the national scheme will provide an improved level of protection for the public by:

  • ensuring only those who meet approved educational and practitioner standards would be able to use the title of ‘paramedic’;
  • preventing paramedics with significant health, conduct or performance issues from moving between jobs or practicing in any Australian jurisdiction without oversight or restriction;
  • making qualifications, probity and other appropriate checks a condition of initial and continuing practice; and
  • applying consistent regulation to all paramedics regardless of their location in Australia.

“We strongly believe that only national registration within the regulated framework of other health professions will provide the appropriate safety net for paramedics and the public,” Dr Hartley said.

“Paramedics Australasia looks forward to working closely with federal, state and territory governments to deliver appropriate regulation and the protection of the public.”

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