Representatives from a number of private employers met in Sydney on Friday 30 August to hold the inaugural meeting of Private Paramedicine Australia – an industry group comprising organisations who employ and provide paramedics nationally and internationally to defence, government, mining, resource and construction sectors as well as special event, stand-by and non-emergency patient transport services.

Membership of Private Paramedicine Australia is envisaged to include those organisations that employ paramedics outside of the traditional state ambulance services. The purposes of this first meeting were to review the objectives for the group and establish a constitution. Members present elected a Board of Directors to further progress this initiative.

Paramedics Australasia was represented at the meeting by National Policy Advisor Ray Bange who participated as an observer at the invitation of the group. Paramedics Australasia recognises the benefits of a representative private sector industry group and looks forward to working collaboratively with the group and its members in the future.