Promedical vanuatu seeking qualified paramedic volunteers

ProMedical Vanuatu is seeking to fill two positions: MICA Paramedic/ALS Student Educator/Response Paramedic, and Paramedic and Assistant Team Manager.

MICA Paramedic/ALS Student Educator/Response Paramedic (12 month assignment)
Your role will involve conducting training and refresher training for clinical instructors on how to train and mentor student paramedics. You will also improve patient pre-hospital care, which will involve responding to calls with students and staff. Using these experiences, you will then work with staff to develop and improve processes and procedures for response to emergency calls, including procedures for international and domestic medevac. Additionally, you will collaborate with staff to engage with the community and provide first aid training to community members. Find out more here

Paramedic and Assistant Team Manager (12 month assignment)
In addition to responding to emergencies, your role will involve working closely with the local Trainee Team Manager and the National Operations Manager to review and develop policies and procedures as well as improving operational and administrative capacity. You will encourage and increase community awareness around ProMedical’s work, build relationships with local business, and be involved in further developing and implementing the training process for student paramedics. Find out more here

Find out more about ProMedical Vanuatu here

Applications for both positions close Wednesday 31 May.