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Paramedics Australasia has a formal mechanism to receive and consider applications for research grant support from either individuals or groups of researchers looking to undertake investigations in respect to one (or more) of the three PA research themes: paramedic education, clinical efficacy, professionalism.

Research support requests may be made for financial support (grants are generally, but not always, limited to a maximum of $5000 per project), data access, in-kind support, publishing support or assistance with the circulation of research materials (e.g. online surveys). Applications for research support from PA involves the following process:
  • The first step in the process is to download and fill out the PA Research Support Application Form
  • Once completed this document should be sent in hard copy (signed by the applicant/s) to Paramedics Australasia Research Grants, Box 173, 585 Lt Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000 AND a soft copy emailed to
  • On receipt of an application, the lead investigator will be notified by email.

2. Acceptance

  • All applications for research sponsorship are considered by an expert panel who make a recommendation in relation to the application, a process which may take  several weeks to conclude (depending upon the complexity of the application/research).
  • If the application is successful, an email will be sent to the lead investigator with a set of Terms and Conditions that outlines both PA’s and the research teams obligations in relation to any sponsorship approved.
  • If an application is unsuccessful, an email will be sent to the lead investigator outlining the reason/s why.
  • No requests for support will be actioned until a copy of all relevant ethics approval/s (where required) has been provided to PA.

3. Progress reports

  • In relation to large scale research and investigations that are undertaken over a long period of time, investigators may be requested (at PA’s discretion) to provide a progress report to the PA research agenda.
  • If required, this information may either be submitted via email or specific proforma as provided by PA.

4. Closure report

  • Once a research project has concluded the lead investigator is to notify PA that this has occurred.
  • Depending on the scope of the project and the type/amount of support provided by PA, this may be requested via email or specific proforma as provided by PA.
  • Information that may be requested includes, but is not necessarily limited to, a project summary, financial expenditure versus grant budget summary, overview (not detail) of the project outcomes, publication details and feedback in relation to the PA support provided.

Enquiries about the scientific agenda or making an application for research support, can be made via email to