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Strategic Plan for 2015–2017

The Paramedics Australasia Strategic Plan is intended to guide the efforts of those carrying out the learned society’s business and to provide practitioners and other stakeholders with an understanding of how PA intends to fulfil its mission and vision. The plan includes goals, strategic actions and relevant outcome indicators.

The 2008-2011 Strategic Plan placed a focus on organisational change and restructuring which is now largely complete. That work began many years ago when the decision was taken that our mission would be to promote the art and science of paramedic practice nationally to the benefit of the community. Embodied within that broad statement of purpose is the promotion of awareness of the ethical and professional aspects of paramedic service delivery in the interests of the public and patient-centred care.

Paramedics Australasia works to fulfil the professional needs of its members and the development of the profession. While it provides advice for members with concerns about aspects of their profession or career, it does not act in relation to direct employment matters or cater for industrial relations in the nature of a union. Recognising that workplace relations can impact best practice, PA liaises within Australia with the National Council of Ambulance Unions, and will seek similar relationships in the other countries where it operates chapters.

Paramedics Australasia has committed itself to play a role in the public debate, to become a source of expertise on key paramedical services and community health issues, and to set standards for the practice of the paramedic profession. These basic principles underpin PA activities as it provides leadership on current and emerging issues and contributes towards effective strategies in the campaign for better health care. As an organisation that aspires to take the profession into the future, PA will pursue these objectives and establish the wider benefits of paramedic practice on behalf of practitioners as a self-actualised and empowered profession.

The Strategic Plan for 2015–2017 highlights four main goals:

  • Representing the profession
  • Advancing the profession
  • Member growth and value
  • PA organisation.

View the full strategic plan document here.