Team Australia EMS have returned to Australia, grasping the trophy for the prestigious international Rallye Rejviz for 2013. Competing with 22 other countries entered in the Paramedic competition, the teams gathered in the Czech Republic to demonstrate their skills.

As part of the competition, Paramedics rally across 13 realistic scenarios day and night in the beautiful ski slope mountains of the Czech Republic. The medical scenarios are designed to be realistic and present various medical challenges. The crews are required to drive to the scenario, coordinate a response and treat the patient, while they are assessed on a uniform scoring system. The team with the most points at the end wins.

This year’s scenarios were many and varied and included a ski-lift accident, with multiple casualties and hysterical bystanders, which required management of the scene, patients and other EMS agencies; a river accident with a patient suffering hypothermia and a fractured leg and is deaf; a cardiac patient suffering atypical Acute Coronary Syndrome modified by diabetic neuropathy; and an electrocution that had caused fractured ribs, pelvis and uncontrolled internal haemorrhage.

Rallye Rejviz is one of the best EMS competitions in the world. It was established in 1997 as part of an EMS Conference celebrating the 20th anniversary of the EMS in Jesenik, Czech Republic. The aim of the rally is to foster national and international communication and networking. It is an opportunity to share information, learn from each other and discover new ideas and techniques.

Team Australia EMS took out the competition, followed by Team Canada in second place and Team Krakow in third place. Paramedics Australasia congratulates Team Australia EMS on their fantastic win!

After the Rally, Team Australia EMS, with representatives from Paramedics Australasia QLD met with EMS managers from various European countries as well as Singapore and Canada to discuss issues pertaining to global EMS and the professionalism of paramedics worldwide.

They also visited various ambulance stations, HEMS bases and Communications Centres in Singapore, Amsterdam and Prague.  The team were also privileged to meet with Czech Republic military colonels and doctors to discuss their highly successful Search and Rescue HEMS model.