Announcement on paramedic registration through Victorian Premier’s office – Minister Davis takes a step towards paramedic registration.

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The following is the media release from the Victorian Minister for Health, which was released yesterday.

Protecting paramedics and the public

  • Proposed registration scheme for paramedics
  • Establishment of a Paramedics Board
  • Napthine Government building a healthier Victoria

The Victorian Coalition Government is calling for public comment on its proposal to establish a scheme for the registration and regulation of paramedics.

Minister for Health David Davis said the establishment of a Paramedics Board would protect the integrity of properly trained and competent paramedics, and ensure public confidence in their professionalism.

“The requirement for registration will provide assurance to the community that the services they receive from paramedics are delivered by people who not only have the right training and experience, but are bound by professional standards overseen by an independent registration board,” Mr Davis said.

“The community will be protected by establishing minimum qualifications and professional requirements for entry to practice as a paramedic.

“People who are not qualified, registered and fit to practice will be prevented from using the title ‘paramedic’ and holding themselves out as qualified. This ensures that the community can continue to have every confidence in our paramedics,” Mr Davis said.

Mr Davis said the proposal would provide powers to deal effectively with paramedics who are impaired, poorly performing or who engage in professional misconduct.

Under the proposal, the Board would have powers to suspend the registration of a paramedic whose practice presented a serious risk to public health and safety.
The Board would also have a key role in setting educational standards for trainee paramedics.

“Paramedics have been calling for professional standards and registration for some time, and this proposal would help protect their integrity and ensure public confidence,” Mr Davis said.

“There is also widespread support for registration of the paramedic profession from community groups and service agencies.

This professional registration will also signal the experience and professional standing of paramedics to private employers who wish to employ qualified paramedics.
“The proposal will also provide a solid quality assurance platform and standards to support a growing private sector paramedic workforce, and ensure that they also meet required standards,” Mr Davis said.

Mr Davis said other states may follow Victoria’s initiative, which would lead to a national registration scheme.

“If agreement is reached across governments then the Victorian-registered paramedics could transition to national registration,” Mr Davis said.

Anyone wanting to comment on the Exposure Draft of the proposal can see a copy on the Health Department website.