The PA International Conference (PAIC) is on the 2nd to 3rd October 2015 at the Adelaide Convention Centre. WA Chapter is offering the following scholarships:
PA Members: up to 2 scholarships available for up to $1500 each

SPA/ WASP Members: 1 scholarship available for up to $1500.

Scholarship funds must be used to attend the PAIC conference. Scholarship funds can be used for registration fees, workshop fees, accommodation and travel. Funds cannot be used for meals, alcohol or social activities. Scholarship funds will be paid in arrears upon receipt of relevant receipt documentation.
Selection criteria:

  1. Fee paying member of Paramedics Australasia (PA) or Student Paramedics Australasia (SPA) in good standing.
  2. Be on the WA PA member register or WA SPA/ WASP register.

Application process:
Interested applicants are asked to send an email to the Chair of Paramedics Australasia (WA Chapter) by the 15th August 2015 that includes the following:

  1. Your Name and PA/SPA Member Number
  2. Your mailing address and contact information (telephone and email)
  3. Your current position and employer.
  4. A short statement (maximum 1,000 words) indicating your interest in this conference, the reasons why you should receive a scholarship to attend and how you plan to disseminate your conference learning experiences to other members. We are particularly interested to receive applications from members presenting at PAIC and/or working, or planning to present, in regional WA.

Review of applications:

Applications will be reviewed by the PA WA Chapter Committee or at a Sub-committee Meeting where through consensus the scholarships will be awarded to candidates who best meet the terms of the selection criteria. Successful candidates will be notified by email or telephone.

PA/ SPA members who are awarded a scholarship will be required to write a 500-word summary on the value they received from attending the PAIC conference before any funds will be reimbursed.

Contact details:
Gary Wilson (PA WA Chapter Chair) –
Mark Morgan-Jones (PA WA Secretary) –