Monash Injury Research Institute Melbourne and Children’s Hospital Philadelphia are aiming to develop training for paramedics. The topic is traumatic stress in injured children and families. To develop and tailor high quality training they are conducting a short anonymous survey and invite you to participate.

Traumatic stress in injured children and their families is seen as an area of importance in emergency care. As the first health professionals to come in contact with children and families after a potentially traumatic event, first responders are in a position of strategic importance regarding this issue. Our goal is to develop tailored training materials for paramedics in this area. Therefore, we are conducting a survey to understand training needs and wishes. As part of this, we consider it vital to understand and incorporate paramedic’s own responses to traumatic stress, and the levels of support they receive. Our anonymous online survey will also address these issues.

All paramedics currently working or undergoing training, from anywhere in the world, are invited to participate. All opinions are welcome.

The survey usually takes less than 10 minutes. All responses remain anonymous. The survey has been approved by the Human Research Ethics Committee of Monash University, Australia.

The link is: Paramedics Care Survey.

A short summary of the findings will be made available online. Participants can indicate their interest in future training and/or in a draw to win a $20 voucher.